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Little Traps (Self-Released 2012)

   Pop-Punk and Easycore that given the taste of good flavors to those whom into the skateboarding and slamming mosh-pit stage diving as extreme as popular to the youngsters and some others using this genre of music to escaping the reality of horrible world full in hatred in smaller community of adrenaline lovers avoiding the crowded places and gone to the lonely planet places some usually remote or hidden. For only four mini recording album release and the songs written by the quartet of rocker-punks modern kids: Sean, Rob, Tim and Ryan as Aurora in this extended record called Fairweather branding their functioned beats and total fast melodic sounds for The North Star Narratives in two minutes more or Cry Baby in three more longer within the great catchy vocalist or riffs and drumming that makes you loving them even only on this short displaying of music – recorded by Anthony Simone for these Boston’s Post-Rock or Pop-Punk crew. Wounds can be healed but good music might gets harder to find !