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Lethargic Air (Bandcamp 2012)

   For someone whose already starting his guitar lessons since eight grade and nowadays been already twenty-five years old; making songs via computers seems to be felt like a hundred years and still counting for big sucked until you decided to recording materials like Dan Dankmeyer did for his loveable feelings and soul only for Progressive Metal to Metalcore and Djent which inspired by names like In Flames, Darkest Hour to Unearth or Thrice as one shall entering the realm of blasting sounds performance via shredding, riffing, chugging, halo and ripping out total hotty babes too preserved well hailing from Frederick, Maryland which spawning some killer tracks with no vocals as instrumentals didn’t spoiling the grinder and guitar-music performance created and recorded by this man into Pure (the album).

   Amazingly, crushing and variants for many of Heavy Metal listeners to really dig by choices to manage their personal rhythmic head-bangers as repeat danger and immediate depth of pleasure bustling explosive tempos or serving techniques by the high altitude linked of mastery can easily traced through how the Melodic Metal plus instrumental Hardcore-Djent connection really manage to bridging here for good reasons not show off – just like Static Atlantic, A Scene From The Lid of The Sleepers Eye, Stick to Your Ghost or Prototype (idea11) might surprising everyone whom try this !