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Leadhead Visitor (Self-Released 2011)

   Collaborative philosophy and the likes for Skinny Puppy, Motorhead, Public Enemy and Jesu to Download festivals with more interesting attraction over animals, nature, art, Tool, Metallica and Sex/war /pollution and mass-transit or astronomy among others really caught the perfect assembly for Stevey Seven of Columbus, Ohio or born as Steven F Wymer making his own instability formats of musical project over BentWithLight on doing the guitars, beats and synths as handling the harsh vocals variation with the help by Reese Barrett on bass/lead guitar and Jim Dooley for the live drums inside the empty haunted dormitory that holds some kinds of supernatural and horrific background that makes the recording session feels creepy even though the beats goes blasting in live recording not gloomy gothic for this Artifacts. 

   Cold, wet/damp, scattered and abandoned atmosphere fits for the audience on enjoying the smothered distortions and rhythmic drum-beats via Morningstar, Back To The Machine and Quiet Life like King Of Shit and Crawling Inside crossing like the crash-fades broken rap-music played by the alternative rock-heads group and un-ashamed for Inverted the Blank Pages for another desperation meeting with the spirit-walker before dark.