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Lagrimas De Cinixiu (Not On Label 2015)

   Transforming the most popular songs of the world of Pop music journey as viewed covers – some are most successful to be considered by their audience; Onyria which consisting for two pair of male/female loving for Gothic Rock/Symphonic Rock and Heavy Metal would do their own fusion version on their favorite different genre music ever discovers and you will knowing them – Helena and Simon patterns on crushing riffs, double bass drums and such elements of symphonies through choirs, violins and grand piano being compared to the fame off Evanescence, Nightwish and Within Temptation stated the band to add more completed line-ups with Benjamin Kiem on bass and drummer Alessandro Magnani for this releasing on the band’s original debut album entitled Break The Silence having the sensual female vocals leading role and self-written musical lyrics and arranging sounds closer to Gothic Symphony Rock tunes mostly. 

Listen to the particular features and several audience would love to having these songs on their bedroom through Sleep No More, Prisoner of Mind, My Addiction, Save Me From The End, Fake, Don’t Forget Me and Damned as featured also by Quilo (MalosCantores) and SaRazza helping out their Bolzano, Italy counterparts. 

Break The Silence: