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Lades Marsh Cross (Hunya Munya Records 2010)

   Like the sail-ship battling the high waves on a raging sea-shore so did how Rick R Wearing closely, projected his own imagination and ideas overtly a debut when the Downtempo Electronic digi-pak disc actually not only thus instrumental musical soundscape as regular but actually, a dedication to someone as a friend or famly that he won’t forget disguising as the stage naming of Rykard releasing this record entitled Arrive The Radio Beacon would doing such tremendous illusive portrayal includes by the non-lyrics, standard softer tunes and collective mediation spiritual tempo of beats sparks there over the lamentation of the album as well as the good cover artworks. Fourteen track-listing from Psirens, Down With Ginny, Monolithic, Marine Sulphur Queen, Faustian Pact, North Cormorant Obscurity and Sky At Walton, Winnat’s Pass or The Transmission Fields conjoining the marks in between past and presents while the stories going further tells like it is even the most tragic and sadder one or those seminal supernatural alike the urban legends of the nearest seas giving birth to the such of tales being retold over the generation decades and one can dig something as knowledge out of the pure fictions or imaginative minds used to scared their collages before opening the sails and hit the morning waves in may after the storm. 

Arrive The Radio Beacon: