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Kung-Fu Rinse (Bandcamp 2011)

   Rock N’ Roll Indie-Pop members of the band of San Francisco choir rocking through Reece Noble (keys, synth, percussion), Travis Woodland (guitar,vocals, synth), Steve Medd (drums, vocals) to Louise Santucci (guitars), Joshua Kane (bass) and Zachary Blizzard (vocals, guitars) over the same liking onto friends, arts, music (of course), good smoke, The Beach Boys, Elton John and David Lynch have been as well releasing this simple recording album with the catchy good tunes and angels singing with birds too opens the stereo smiling daily themed through Our Flag At Half Mast, What Was Said, A Classic Tale of The Bearded Musician in standard duration modes and melodic popular beats that you and your family might love to listen.

June passes by already but the echoes and warmth of Summer may still stays within the time you playing this mini-records.