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Kingdom Flame Sky (Independent 2013)

   Leo Figaro has been walked the path of millions compares to his previous ex-bands and projects doing the good vocals techniques for then, the meeting with CafĂ© Au Lait the guitarist feels like this is the joint of power for making a brand new start under the name of Marchen Station that could be means roughly translated to Fairy-Tale station as this unsigned band-project decided to recording more of their materials on Melodic Power Metal and J-Rock broadways and those great artwork front cover on the album: World Of Maquillage as composed materials put into the disc for magical fairies and natural smaller invisible realm and resulting Desert Samsara, The Emperor Rising, Song For Gibberish Guys, Pastel Color Garden, Fantasy Island Resort and Zion beginning with the majestic tunes of Beyond The Horizon -Introduction- as lasted for over fifty-one minutes and twenty-one second duration formats within thus epic vocals, mighty music and focused shapes on the themes in courageous acts of Japan attitudes means unique powerful metallic speed.

World Of Maquillage: