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Karate Monkey (Not On Label 2018)

   The freaking Japanese Garage Punk rockers establish their presence as those six persons wearing black suits and masked reminding us about the burglar unit team getting ready for destroying your front door or windows bashing or even quiet infiltrations entering the compound as the sixties era atmosphere fun and loud grabbing the ears instantly anyone cranking this album up in volumes and the term of meaningful – We Will Comply is totally reasonable for Dynamite Platoon gang on robbing your commercial contextual out and replacing the glammy thoughts within blaster explosions brought by them via these recording that reclaiming the nostalgia and paying respects for those legendary names whose being so influential to the band are here by the performed as Ingri and The Mommies’ Tokoname, Devo song on Uncontrollable, Ramblin’ Rose of the nuts rebel group MC5 onto Jimi Hendrix of Fire as well as Wilson Pickett’s In The Midnight Hour living your good partying base-camp moves from the garage-labeled or abandoned basement to the smaller stage in the park or even the tree house demolitions – screaming out loud with these Sendai craziest Rock n’ Roll punks blow-jobs !

We Will Comply: