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Juswanna (Kill Rock Stars 1993)


   Besides thus gentlemen of rock media trying to get the newer news and sparkling images figured out taken off the middle territory on Seattle-Sounds scenery for more consumerism bigger money machine on the records company greedy demands and fans of jocks as well wanted but the girls whom also feels left behind wanted their own version of riots too and within the independent movements of Riotgrrrls comes several names of female bands and all-girl bands like Bratmobile representing Olympia, Washington playing their D.I.Y Punkish rocking mid-tempos and screaming whatever their brains had ideas to share to the public easily and spontaneous but day by days it’s developing further more professionals just like this brat-attacks debuting album of your indie-bitches of the 90’s semi-legendary trio for Molly Neuman on drums/oil, Allison Wolfe on vocals/gas and Erin Smith on guitars/windows releasing Pottymouth delivering to young female listeners and more people their essential honest lyrics and story through the songs like thus catchy Throway, the punkish bastards like Stab, Love Thing, P.R.D.C.T onto Some Special as well as Cool Schmool, I Love You You Little Crocodile, Kiss & Ride and Richard would be ordinary extra large attentions over our daily themes and nothing special but can turning special more because of the music that these girls made feels free in reckless distortions to have.