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Jasmine Harvest (Overpowered 2016)

Creation for the mixture ideas on broadcasting sense of European traditional Epic Heavy Metal with Oriental and Arabic Folkish music within the specific of Moroccan heritage wishes and reflections consisting for Arkan (project) formed by Florent Jannier and Foued Moukid to Mus El Jamal, Samir Remilla and Sarah Layssac realizing their specific goals of playing Melodic Death Metal and North African sounds on fifth recording releases on Kelem.

The magnetic glorified on Progressive Rock tunes in total melodies and harmonic ability over high techniques may easily amazed you just like the greater linked front cover artworks and thus favorable metallic head-banging tracks like Just a Lie, The Call, Nour, Beyond The Wall, Capital City Burns, As A Slave onto Eib and Erhal; these Parissien unit looks locally blasting to be soon international staging in their audience opinions not always gone irreligious.