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Janie’s Maker (Not On Label 2018)

   Is it true that Sligo, Ireland got their own sightings for kinds of bigfoot type class-a creatures or it’s more than just a primitive thundering dark figure within longer haired walking towards your camping ground one fierce night in between lucky or unlucky via the Retrowave Electronic project of John Bassett’s blending tunes of themes through Chillwave, Darkwave, Synth-Pop and Electric Mountain is the Sacred Ape’s third releasing records praising the technology pressures and misleading information over the performance doing the keyboards/synthesizers of creepy tales behind those legendary of false/fake/truth on the elusive creatures like humanoid terrorizing the rural and forest edge areas in many countries as listening for Grandma Doom and The Happiness Trap, Sunblock or Mono Grande did more related rather malicious and ambition against danger – the deranged New Wave darker groovy beats shows that those picture or photo-shot wasn’t terrible bushes misplaced or person in ape suits anymore like we used to have during the eighties and nineties.

Electric Mountain: