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Jaguars And Worms (Momentum Pictures 2017)

   Travelling to the high mountain area of Bolivia looking for the adventure he always dreaming of since – trying to find companion or trackers or even just a hint key-information to continuing his favorite activities exploring the unexplored heart of the Amazon would later giving an experience of a lifetime for our Israeli man named Yossi Ghinsberg as his rainforest journal shall make him meet the fate to these introduction characters such as Marcus Stamm the Swiss school teacher, Kevin Gale the american hiker who loves photography and in La Paz while three of them becoming new friends already, the stay interrupts by a stranger from nowhere known as Karl Ruprechter the Austrian stumbled in the market site having conversation with them as Karl telling about the amazing story of a rare Indian tribe existence living inside the Amazon as Jungle might be your chosen title for this movie convincing newcomers not to trusting people they didn’t know and trusting the information he brings but Karl also guaranteed the safety of the new route journey with him for he knows as expertise about the rainforest area and the mysterious route that they might explores along the way.
   Arguments erupts between Yossi and the other two as Kevin and Marcus being pressed by Gheinsberg until they’re cannot refusing that offer anymore and agree to get packing up. Gathering equipments and supplies for the hike leaves those three travelers paying for all of them and off they go. Johnny Klimek’s composition on the original motion picture soundtrack and Daniel Raddcliffe acting wasn’t really serving well but at the try-out of how you would loving every single of the rainforest sceneries fits for the musical soundtrack of contemporary orchestra building the atmosphere over the storyboard naturally, bonds as Truly Free, Carnival Montage, Falling Behind, Entering The Water onto Splitting Up, Rapid Fun or Flying Mountains captures most of the different conditions on the group hikers where they’re not only walks but must using raft to crossing the river for the fastest way to the locations and Karl leading role proves that he’s competent to do that but before they’re arrived shit happens as the boat capsizing and plenty materials and supplies went drowning into the water of deep and hard-current rapids forcing them to camping and on their way – as Karl quarreling with Kevin about going ashore too soon until Marcus admitted that he cannot continuing the journey so the plans separated and moving on being made in decision as Karl went back to La Paz with Marcus while Yossi and Kevin continued theirs on water. Strong current means they’ve to stop but it’s too late as both washed away by the river then. Lucky for Yossi even though he didn’t have a kind of survival instinct and training but the man whom at first lost his directions sensing the spirit for wondering to survive the Jungle by help from Kevin who has been stranded to Curiplaya miles away but saved by the locals and informing them for sending helicopter for helping Yossi – whom discovered as weak but manage to lived as they’re being taken to the flyover towards the nearest town. Karl and Marcus never to be seen again as the Austrian becoming a wanted person around South America.