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Jada Thoughts Repent (Independent 2013)

Maybe if Kanye West went really into depression for marrying fake kim and the wacko kardahsian sisters too; this collection of Pop-Hip-Hop tunes of booty world meets Michael Jackson weirdness meets the hot rihanna imaginable of sexual behavior and laughing out loud arts in music should be over the feeling of old-lovers that Mice People projecting onto this alive semi-conspiring through My Lovely Classmates 2: Live From Rio Grande via the works off either Tuxedo Mask, Woody, Pink House, Shark and Kennedy doing it on Solliana as your non-favorable record to listen for the weekend or valentine’s day which always sucked.

The meeting of secretive leaders under the triangle one eye sign or the sensation for overrated sex-actions on Girl Talk (Little Maya), Looking For Ania, Making My Own Mariah, Online Dating (feat. B2K) and Josephine Be Whispering will never get you through your initiation day parade and becoming larger than life itself with thus money and sperms and the kids running around over your old retirement lives later. Short-timing mouse-sucks blowjobs to anal penetrations for moaned white girls and brown girls and yellowish girls is the key of single man surviving plot; ha ha ! 

My Lovely Classmates 2 Live From Rio Grande: