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Intrinsic Thoughts (Chugcore 2018)

   Beatdown to your terrible Deathcore slamming and metallic down-tempos will following the interest for vengeance from this tearing up debut continuously, giving destruction to those whom listening and the killer breed hailed off the Nu-Metal scene Omaha featuring vocalist Forrest Catlett, Collin Kyle on lead guitar, Michael McLaughlin on rhythm guitar, bassist Colton McPeake and Devin Price on drum-sets have releasing their mastery record with the mixing/mastering and production by Jeremy Schaeffer – this is Shared Trauma displaying horrific truth and terror beats over your sorry-ass stereo performing by Deathwish crew as bursting their grinding and bashing sounds through Hurt Me, Realization, Fate as well as Pain Stays under the ruling parts of Insanity only for those who loves to head-banging. Don’t forget to notice thus scratching somewhere might surprising you ears too on this slender disguised growlers-package, fuckers !

Shared Trauma: