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Intonation Translator (Self-Released 2016)

   Transcending formation over Americana Folkish and analog Psychfolk and stargaze musical led by the female vocalist comprising this Texas Surf-Country group collectively giveth their performance through Alan Eckert on drums/percussion/keyboards/vocals, Jesse Dalton on bass/guitar/banjo/vocals as well as Michael McLeod on guitars/bass and Grace Park on vocals/keyboards dragging their sophomore sounds of the Sunday’s evening rest your weary eyes and tired heads to the bedroom pillows adrift or dreamy in floats onto lyrics of good soft lullaby messages about the natural surroundings or good timing for prayers or forgiveness towards other beings and the positive energy may flows onto you back just like the sophisticate music program recording here by The Deer (band) with the helpful musicl-instruments performance from Roger Seller for the vocals/guitars, Noah Jeffries on fiddle/mandolin, pedal steel played by Lloyd Maines as the traditional values sparks in vintage or upright bass-basic Country Folkish blended on Tempest & Rapture recording over seventeen songs and mostly, sounding perfect for the background of your late evening fun-fair, dinner of two and family gathering on the porch watching the last sun downing before tomorrow goes up again; classics and contemporary from these Austin band singing the sweeter, important and harmonically fulfilling tastes for everyone whom believes in true values of living right via the blissful tracks like Winter To Pry, Up Into Roses, In From The Throes of Dream, Redbreast, Errant Tree, Reflections on Moonstone Beach romantically bursts like hot dine meals or warmth of the cup of coffee and Do Return and Young Sun as promises kept like the fireplace by the goodness in our hearts.

Tempest & Rapture: