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Inhuman States (Season Of Mist 2012)

   Incredible, elegance, horrified with thus thundering massive keyboards with slicing guitar heaviest stun crusher in textures for the blending Metal-Industrial and shape darke format structures precision praising the worships to those Egyptian moon-god like the chosen name for the band – Khonsu incarnates. Progressive experimented Avant-garde metallic and Electro melodic Death Metal and symphonic technical out of Bergen, Norway stumbled here in a groundbreaking extremities and innovative hails of the sinister blending for metal and electronic elements of hybrid growlers or menacing terror of the break beats incoming like the curses of the ancient old-civilization once the modern re-touching the balance of those forbidden meaning of the name itself literary as he who travels across the night sky – like incubus creature spreading his sounds with the guest members from Keep Of Kalessin and Manes for Anomalia marking on Black Metal meets Progressive Rock and Industrial all in one. Be crushed and burnt within the devastating chaos returns with the desert god’s wrath through In otherness, The Host, The Malady, Darker Days Coming and Va Shia (Into The Spectral Sphere) causing mysterious death over thus who never beliefs the power of the dark side opening dimension and the relations of helping creator hands fo the advance races from the sky to this primitive planet to develops onto now.