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Incoherence Generic (Ultimate Massacre Productions 2018)


Perversion gory on Death Metal brutality furious bashing tuned up madness may surely, filling up your present-days by these Augsburg, Bavarian unit that consisting on four individuals for blending their Deathcore onto Old School slamming brutal of Death Metal music performed by Simon on guttural voice, leading role onto the rest of the members like bassist Oak, guitarist Dennis and drummer Johannes Bedshare and choice for those whom never heard for Chordotomy might physically rare but possible as this moment take your time onto imagine the past-back in time scary rituals off the ancient Egypt where they’re mummified their dead ones up so the remaining souls can reaching in the heavenly, paradise not buried and rot inside the underworld as being told through the recording horrific tunes via Subjugated Into Obedience brings savagery on its best elements with devastating riffs, blasts grooves and plenty sickening ultra gored growls explosions and some guest vocalist friends of theirs adding more mystical grinding as well as the releasing for afterlife fulfillment by the elders onto the pharaoh’s resurrected bodied soul as the long gone generations practice this over and over background-ing by the guttural tuning metallic scarring off Intoxicated, Synapticide, Mentally Sliced Internally Diced onto Bodyfarm or Nerve to slaughtering the dumb modern world back in revenge from the other deader dimension.

Subjugated Into Obedience: