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Impaled Global (JL America 1993)

   Been in Kiss Of Death tribute to KISS or other compilation doesn’t mean that these troops of Ocala, Florida area whose writing the lyrics themed about society, religion and philosophy cannot continuing their legacy sounds of Death Metal from the south parts of US soil which there – we always remembered about the original scene of extreme Heavy Metal was born and for this time – the offer comes in form of Killing Addiction by their old-school growling tunes formations of Mike Serden on guitars, Chris York on drums, Chris Wicklein on guitars and Patrick Bailey (bass) has been releasing their first debut album within the story telling of a dying planet citizen from the future which facing abyss as reflection of it shows the slowly deforming collapses of their planet over Omega Factor. 

   Grinding brutality and extremist themes drawing there as well through Dehumanized, Nothing Remains, Altered At Birth, Equating The Trinity and Necrosphere among thus fifteen listed songs arranged and mastered to be the horrific explosive eruptions plus some more demon tapes from the nineties. You don’t want ended as that pale intergalactic creature gasping for its last breath there.

Omega Factor: