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If I Were You... (Self-Released 2018)

   So you trying hard to fight the alien robots that sabotaging the planet’s leading roles of mankind invading us all in sudden with their powerful advance technologies; slaughtering the populations and some left behind primitive life-forms like us keep on urban guerilla warfare battling them in steps by steps through one area and another just like this Cantabria, Spaingroup – Pandemia bursting their bashes musical speeding Thrash Metal and middle fingers towards Behind Enemy Lines. Nothing less or more only violence and metallic mayhem melodies or solos within the maniacal slaying sounds and progress of brutalized themed chosen and written like Running Out Of Hope, Chemikaze, Signs Of Life, Suicide Squad and The Last Zombie Alliance – formerly, an idea solidified as temporary tales in heavy Metal as well later on becoming worst reality performance in cranked blasters off drummer Ruben, bassist Tatu, Eder the guitarist and Rober on guitars/vocals building axe and chains to fight the impossibility to win this.

Behind Enemy Lines: