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I Mean You Harm (Dark Essence Records 2016)

Blends the weird finest of excessive force of Black Metal with Psychobilly Rock N’ Roll as the tuning organ calls you in to follow the dance of the strange but the screamo growl vocals meets the extreme bash off Black Metal darkness energy performed by Dim, Fivos H and Theoharis as the Greek trio from Thessaloniki rocking the stereo via the third recording on Mayhem In Blue as puts some Avantgarde, Prog-Rock and dark thoughts themes between the past swampy horror sounds and modern techniques plays by the background from those black hooded and bird masked people ringing the bell of death on the solitude shore as Hail Spirit Noir and the their name fits as well.

Cranking those Riders To Utopia, Lost In Satan’s Charms, The Cannibal Tribe Came From The Sea and How To Fly In Blackness spreading the mystic harmonies among the longer jams of musical instruments brewing made by evil once again this year … 

Mayhem In Blue: