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Hussein Attack Stance (Giallo Disco 2016)

   Repeated Viewing is the precious unique works of instrumentals music soundtrack in the making by Alan Sinclair alias WW Cat specializing himself towards thus niche of strange in Electronic Musical technicolor influenced and Vercetti meets Antoni Maiovvi into Horror-Disco soften tunes crafted by the relative atmosphere cinematic of Italo-Disco dance, New Beat, Krautrock to the latest Techno/EBM or House in scoring films like Argento’s 70’s or 80’s as well as Fulci’s living dead zombies and Escape From New York.

Street Force album gets it emulsion attached to the elder views like your uncle, aunties and dads within the S&W pistol pointing to the bad masked guy and white sedan luxurious to the bullets and background red-painter house regretfully sweet with revenge, vigilante and excessive brutal or ultra-violent debut for Paulo Luggerizi Jr. given the influx marking for this original motion picture soundtrack to becoming more suspense to follow. 

   Bliss the definite faux masterpiece by notorious lesser-known movie tracking sounds with Searching, Tension headache, Family (with Alessandro Cassini), Looking For Jeffries, Pursuit or Dance Chat directed and recorded completely fabulous to spreading the comparison sounds-lights-effects collectively, documented in audio vibes as blood splattered in alleyways until the end’s done. 

Street Force: