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Human Target Bigger (Triple-B Records 2018)

Be fucking afraid for thus distorting burst by the blasts as the brutality splattered molten riffs and chords from the diminished acts of violent sounds in metallic Hardcore and Punk explosions in nine track-listed goes even further savagery in your non-opinions over these Boston unit called themselves Candy but really didn’t sharing any kinds of sweetness at all within the hatred-basic of anti-social protests lyrics and messages send to the center of the mosh-pit for the slammers to destroying each-others following Good To Feel which displaying the vulgar displays of brawling place like bars or pubs and the fireplace to warmth those whom fucking the anal of the blondes behind parked car and leaving no smiles to the next future on tomorrow.

This measuring package would be too underground to the ass-kisser public, mosh-losers clapping jocks and you smart-ass smartphones generation knowing shallow about the gatefold trying to call yourself a real punk-rocker wearing hipster or beehips dumb-asses that will be totally, crushed under the blasting demolitions off Systematic Death, Lust or Destruction, Panic is On, Burning Water or Joy of Life – makes thus full body contacts only for the brave; non-fuckin’ established shit-pricks and social values free thinkers that screwing rich men’s daughters for revenge !

Good To Feel: