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Human Art Project (Lost Scores 2009)

   Katheryn Winnick, Jessica Lucas and Laura Breckenridge becomes the trio of female victims over the horror film Amusement which telling you about the serious frightening tales that preying on these women by some ugly boy back from their school days whose jealous on their fame and lucks and for ditching him as well. Haring the creepy voice made by The Laugh describing on the strange case of a woman fell onto Shelby Leds’ boyfriend car on the highway causing another jeep driver injured as well but as soon both went missing only leads to an isolated house tracking the crazy truck-driver who took the women with him but instead helping, the jeep driver rushy went to the house and kill the truck driver while Rob found Shelby and the woman bound and gagged on the backseat. The killer now goes to breaking the window and murdering Rob instantly relates to another case where Tabitha babysitting her cousins because the babysitter left before she arrives strangely, June’s boyfriend calls in later asking about June missing her cheerleader practice, came in together checking the room and find the full clown toys and the alive life-size clown doll presumed to be Owen the boyfriend chasing Tabitha and her cousins around before then she found June’s corpse in a closet as the scary clown coming in for her with the distinctive same laughter like the jeep driver. Lisa Swan and boyfriend in search of their roommate Cat due to the party last night as the dissapearance leads them to an old hotel which not allowed to enter by the masked face caretaker but being lied by Dan claiming him as health inspector to pass.
   The music player end surprise with knife thrown to Dan’s eye leaves Lisa sneaks alone to meet a deaf man only to showing her a room filled with dead bodies turning into stuffed mattress before realizing that Cat is one of them as the man attacks her. This b-rated movie type really scares and watch-able as Marco Beltrami deals on the original motion picture score (electronic/modern classical) creeping in via Help Me/License Plate, You’ve Got To Be Kidding!, Pointed Pursuit, Next Exit and many more tracks of Horror Under The Cover or Striking Back would gives you terrorizing chills as the reveals of Tabitha’s memories over Briar Hills Connection elementary school shows the miniature design by a male classmate gruesomely as chained up rat with his skin pulls out with its organ opens but realizing that she’s left alone to find the therapist didn’t found working phones but dead and being killed by the investigator reveals as the killer. Tabitha run down the basement and meet the bound and gagged Shelby and Lisa unharmed. She tries to trick the killer as approaches and stab him by the neck before unties her friends to escape but the killer murdered two of them while Tabitha runs again hiding in a room full of dead bodies inside the truck. 
Truck moves but Tabitha smartly stab the killer’s eye through the peephole with sharp object and kill him. The memories of the girls laughing on their male school friend that moving away since and never forgets what they’ve done to him turns out to be the killer whose laughs stuck in the girl’s head ever.