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Hulu Hilir (Unslave Records 2015)

   Sumatra island unique forging and formidable scenery for Indie Rock genre-society living a bit healthy these years since the new millennium added more opportunity around those smaller groups not having chances to joining national scale music festivals but never giving up and out must be good on given exampling like the pick for these Jambi province letting the wider community and media aware about their existence as Semiotika comes to show their Instrumentalist Post-Rock and Radiohead-strange Indie Rock phases only for using music not lyrics as the titles for the listed tracks already explaining to the audiences of their thoughts, protests and non-arguable talents of cleverness as the Indonesian to creating such things like these courageous tempers, feelings, issues of both global and nationals as well as the environmental-pro activities that spawning Seharusnya Hijau (supposed to be greener), Gersang (barren land), Sebagian Kecil Udara (some parts of the skies), Lepas (release) or like the album record title as Ruang (rooms) that has been portraying the group’s efforts for longer progressive effectiveness and the catchy melodic breeze tickling the listeners to take a rest from running too fast all day and decided to stop moving to let the planet breathing slow and all the stresses vanished while seeing natural ecosystem in front of you crawling back reclaiming.