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Hjarteorm Helveteskap (Dark Essence Records 2018)

   Don’t asked too fucking much if you choose to have a Norwegian’s slipping world recorded displays on the road to offshoot into Ruin as the Symphonic Metal addition to Classic Black Metal made of the northern territory parts of known as the land of Extreme Metal as unpretentious works within Folkmelodies and acclaimed techniques monotonously, for head-banging rituals only released here by Cor Scorpii consisting on double shredders Erlend Nybo and Rune Sjothun, Inge Jonny Lomheim for bass/accordion, keyboardist/vocalist Gaute Refsnes, Thomas S. Ovstedal on lead vocals and Ole Nordsve on drums plus mandolin to amazing clean female vocals performed by classical singer Annika Beinnes bursts in such a melodic tuning combinations for Extreme Metal finest written in local language lyrics foretold the essential legends of myths and tales via Skuggevandar, Fotefar, Svart Blod (Homvod Star For Fall) all the way to Siste Dans to Ri Di Mare which meant to crushing your stereo permanently as the displaying off that designated destructions over the ancient civilization city temple and everything within it created by the universal powers and mystic comes within earthquake and molten lava.