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HIV-Morbia Remix (Discontinu Records 2011)

   Scary as shit is the moment you will feel within the very not so easy listening over the works of Monica Munoz – the DJ and musician whose making zoomed changes within sharp sounds to microbiotics of destruction international plague of human being transported by the blood destroying immune system as her collaboration with Brainpain, Moduleght Y Morbia based for own Dubstep, Electro and IDM glitches in experimental ambient noise given the Barcelona’s basic underground territory a great span-barricades which isn’t clearly leads the music stepping to the light of popularity as Industrial freaks and creepy instrumental intense various bludgeoning Pandemia by the nickname of Nikka here will definitely – crucifying the common people with their religious thoughts to slowly die by the curse. Pure Electronic of six tracks mixes shall possessing your ears instantly as the viruses module methodic infections via sounds for A(H1N1) 2009 as well as Bloods Of God Brainpain-Nikka Mutation or Black Death means as dangerous as your knowledge over the years of parasitic involves on mass-destructive demolish of humanity …