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Hide The Body (Bandcamp 2018)

   Dark humor which isn’t really exact funny to watch in this Synth-Wave, New Retro version mixed of the 80’s Horror and Ambient experiments in percussion to drumming bass lines requires bigger guts as one entering invitation over a diner place fueled by brutal exciting zombie hours to terror mayhems as being warned and prepare tasting this certain music feast over the macabre delicacies by your Horror-Core Pop tunes chef maker – Goremall or Jon Ball writing all the materials and arrangements also playing the guitars giving special thanks to influencers and friends to trusts as well to scaring most of the loyal dare listeners onto Graveyard Diner the album. 

   Deader corpses and rotting waitress skeleton serving us the blueish-rot food menus as ordered as the graphic looks pretty colorful having thirteen tracks bursting beats of oldie plus millennium related news telling the audience about Shredded Blouses, Living Nightmare, Dead Grinder – The Movie, Opus To Terror, Eyeball Soup and The Microwave Murderer seems to be bloody disgusting stylish to curdles the spine in tingles; little by little through the keyboards/synthesizers may harmful creepy to take the shit out of you shocked to meet the real terror there. 

Graveyard Diner: