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Hell Destination (Independent 2017)

   Fucking non-clean vocals and harsh sounds off Thrash Metal meets Alternative Metal heaviness shifted as recorded by the playing tunes of metallic blasts in most related Industrial beats in Acrophobia fear meaning to everyone whom really having that kinds of traumatic against the heights as disagreement formats makes differences over the mighty composites within thus trio of Daniele Sala (vocals/ bass), Federico Sala on guitars/vocals and Bruno Trombetta for drums programming/guitars hailed from Genoa – Italy that kinds of reminding the metal-heads from the nineties about Tommy Victor’s Prong and Therapy of Irish as this Acrophobia self-titled music rest the case onto only darker metal-heads would love to understand the distorting progressions among these seven tracks bashers sounds as My Wall, Dream Machine, Black Dolphin, Shut Up and Die or Conspiracy Form The Future – all having duration for about three to four minutes as nobody shall not loving how the group slicing the slasher riff-age towards their destructive displaying performance – which actually, not too faster or too lame to listen.

Infamous for not being famous but dangerous enough to changing your moods to go wilder !