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Hammer War Grammar (Self-Released 2011)

   Think again before you fuckin’ judge about how the fans feeling on the left behind era where Rap-Metal being sucks but then the audience needs to buckle up fast before trying to pull the trigger blasts after the play button pressed and it’s too late to turning back from being enters thus mosh-pit situation created by this moment where Mad Max meets Mario Kart grinding you into dusts as the re-inventing style of swagger, stand over bodies or twisted smiling mortician growlers and metallic riffs did murder the gods where pointless prayers will do no good to you anymore. As the ultimate hybrid grinder Rap-Metal mixed with Death Metal and Hip-Hop/Nu-School Hardcore off Regina, Saskatchewan group – Digital Doomzday tells us on the issues news for Armageddon Legends trio of the reptilian top leaders/figures that loves war much and consuming many lives globally, peace signs means illumination plan works well behind every conflicts and economy downfall – just like the themed tracks explosion beats covering the area like a death ringer alarmist via Monsters in The Airlock, A Morgue Full of Cyborgs, Under The Sky and 30666 means there are most things dangerous as threat to human race that we never know existed but threatening in modern daily hi-tech/seminal sci-fi days of ours. 

Armageddon Legends: