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Hamara Haath (Hollywood Records 1996)

   Col. John Patterson must facing the myths of supernatural lion’s attack as he’s been appointed to continuing the supervise and lead the project of railways in a remote border somewhere between Tsavo, Kenya to crossing the riverside as Africa never be too kind to settlers and hundred workers are under his commands trying to finish the late schedules for the bridge and the railway from the birtish military engineering management with the sharp failure positions must not be earned by the young colonel as he being help by supervisor Angus, local foreperson Samuel and doctor Hawthorn even after the one shot-killing a lion spotted by Patterson earning respects by others later on the stealth attack by the predator continues to haunt the workers area and the surrounding savanna with thus dry yellowed tall-grass is a perfect place for ambush by the lions to catch and kill their prey very quickly. One by one workers was dragged silently in the middle of the dead night from their tents or sheltering spot while the fear among them led Abdullah and the rest of hundreds stop to protesting the horrific event in order to maintain their own safety as the halt of the construction really messing behind the schedules again as the locals believed that the predator must be a mythical creature not just an ordinary lion feeding on human flesh for reasons and it’s not because they’re hungry but they hated the progress of white folks entering the sacred land and opening spaces by sacrificing nature merely, stops the construction as London felt unrest about the news on the man-eater and the canceled while even sterling died from being attacked inside the camp with Patterson wounded and quickly, calls for help from the expert – Charles Remington with his reputation to hunting down the pair of lions in The Ghost And The Darkness adventure thrill movie. 
   Starring Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas; the film had a very amazing sceneries to display for audiences about the wilderness of Africa landscapes as the attempts from Remington and the Massai hunters to entrapping the predators meet difficulties not as they expected while the soundtrack scoring for most daring moments, the suspense and the characters involves within goes being composed under Jerry Goldsmith works of artistic instrumentals orchestra Music from The Motion Picture over Lions Reign, Preparations, Final Attack, Remington’s Death or Welcome to Tsavo, Safari Ya Bamba and Dueling Chants Part I really struck the audiences down to the real living story and facts about the dangerous and hard efforts for the Europeans to build the inland parts of the continent as opening space won’t cost easy and cheap deals but your lives depends on it. As even after final lucky shot from Patterson did kill the predator that night ends the terror for good but even on the displays of the predators in the museum in Chicago nobody really dare to look through their eyes – memorizing the history behind the bloody slaughtering before the bridge completed.