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Guy Fawkes (Lost Moment Records 1986)

   Free your mind before October comes and feel lucky on having this suitable Rockabilly sounds by the members of Carl Sonny Leyland, Paul oxley to Steve Piper and Tony McMillan as The Krewmen for releasing their debut album in the midst of the eighties with Rock N’ Roll attitudes in psychotic moods on crazy the staging and the dance-floor near the swampy road small bar for truckers, roadies, gypsies and voodoo people as the front cover design and artwork reminds us about those of Stan Lee’s Marvel comics with elvis-fans turning Psychobilly for The Adventures of The Krewmen via medieval times, futuristic monster fight or late night situation through those train accident and moon landing right before the hounds of hell appears and the dead rising back to haunt the living from the graves in distinctive melodies and weird titles of listed tracks such as Night Shift Blues, Hide Away, Don’t Give A Toss, The Bug of Planet Zee and Wild Dogs of Zorberon put the cases on investigated plan and journey through funky vibes groovy music of the hillbilly and swamp people community onto greeting you with this danceable looney drumming, nutty singing type of jitterbug darker faster music re-recorded for two thousand and sixteen era !