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Grotesque Bastards (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 2016)

Pink Mass would extremely finding themselves in league with legendary names from Swedish’s Death N’ Roll music scene but not trying to just copying the elements over thus scenery’s founder and pioneers; these Montclair, New Jersey group consisting of Snevil The Wet-Brained Mercenary (bass, vocals), Kurtemis Caninus (drums), Van Lee Tassels The Obnoxious (guitars), Shock The Cockringed Mongrel (guitar, vocals) and Tyrant Perversor (lead vocals) adding more indicator towards Satanism and ritualistic cults related themes which means that thus story or lyrics about BDSM, perversion occultism, sex, punk rock, sexual freedom and blasphemy against religious beliefs building thus Blackened Crust Grindcore format becoming the band’s main source of brutality power while explosively exclusive releasing special recording album like Slvt Kvlt as their mighty proof that underground extreme music shall never bow down to anyone but themselves.

The devastating music and sound effects obligates Pink Mass performance as light but heavier and chaotic but simple as you shall non-stopping to head-banging as you follow the certain messages of the tracks sending you to rise the hatred and torturing the world citizen for not believing in this particular Blackened Grind-Crust dangerous and excessive music like Leather Studs Whips Scars or Symbol of 8 Dicks, Putrid Prophet to Slut Shaming and anything corrupted around you or inside those Diseased Minds. The World shall be independently afraid about this sooner or later. 

Slvt Kvlt: