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Grieve Breach Parasite (Van Records 2012)

   Bruges, West Flanders mighty crew of Thrash Metal force called After All consisting for Mike Slembrouck on vocals, Bert Guillemont on drums, Frederic “Fre” Vanmassenhove on bass and the double guitar-shredders Christophe Depree and Dries Van Damme telling their audience about the high technology calamity experiments which turning most of the clones to be either slaves and killer beings or humanity at the stakes as giant corporation controlling the births but creating more loyal supreme troops-like people as the laboratory injections, vaccine and surgery make us superb but rely on those formulas of death and destruction be upon the planet as Dawn of The Enforcer comes to surfacing the underground basher music to the listeners whose not afraid to re-thinking what Heavy Metal Extreme has alerting you many years and tons of albums before After All came. 

   From the side a tracks demise through Timeless machine, Spread The Infamy, Becoming The Martyr or thus side b for Devastation Done, Betrayed By The Gods and End of Your World are definite and permanent not to be stopped anymore since we all are already destructing ourselves since the invention era and industrial era begins to this Digital War ages. 

Dawn Of The Enforcer: