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Grey (Bandcamp 2016)

Anti-religious Rap-Metal newest emotional Hardcore/Metal fused consisting for Swagmaster Flash (vocals), Larok (guitar), The Violator (pots & pans)and Kaseydilla the groove-master from Henderson/Las Vegas hailing in Nevada; comes your ultimate destruction Rap-Metal unit The Devil Who Deceived Them. Garage-based and Extreme Metal aspiration movementsdid the extensive long fixing and mix-process with no apologize since high school on making shitty stuff like noisy disturbance on teenagers quality themes which bursts out freely via their Odium album.

I, Catharsis, Love Lost and At The Stake did cramping your ears up for distorting disturbance breeds by darkness values possessing the band from Jacob Ciepiela the throat vocalist, Koral Robustelli on guitars and their bolt-raising aliases to confusing the audiences down. 

Beware the smokes turning to a figure of powerful dark magic mage facing you, tonight.