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Gordon Cole (Giallo Disco 2016)

   Noises can be carefully, shaped and recorded as a collective disturbance sounds to creeps you out just like how the examples for the eight tracks over the triumphant returning off Garofano Rosso’s Italian project founded by Giorgio Luceri as this type of genre already spreading around the world infamously, created the momentum for Italo-Synthesizer Ambient/Electro/House/Techno fusion for soundtrack works classified as regarded local heritage and for this time taken as the debut showing here for Titoli Di Coda. 
   Neon-noir doomed city or the old cellar and gates snared slam onto the instrumental ballads Electronic – almost like Gothic above epicness daring in impressive debut over Horror-Disco soundtrack of the cosmic as romance turning everything radish like bloody sun rays exposing the window and stuff displays and the classics monotonous beat-vibes echoing or spreading as surroundings – over those eight listed songs written by the artist for the record. 
   Rhythmic beat-traps and straight-up crimes on Fun/Krautrock approval situation untold yet forced the conclusion or problems climax showed-up even as the impossible within Niente Sotto La Veste, Need Your Light (Vampires in Ombre Theme), HAL 9000 Legge II Labiale along the smart terror materials further more on Tema Del Bianco or La Fuga Del Principe Giallo. 
   Don’t speak too loud just whisper because the killer might hearing you while the creatures crawling to your bedroom after midnight; sending you the unlucky moments as being cursed.

Titoli Di Coda: