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God’s Kingdom (Nitro Records 1996)

   Respects to the lousy gritty and finger itchy cowboys of all time salute as Various Artists Go Ahead Punk … Make My Day compilation were recorder under Clint Eastwood’s legendary memorabilia phrase nobody can forgets and the drinking poncho wearing and dirty harry busting bad outlaws to wicked authority not as mercenaries but more to angle of death in the wilder wildering west territory as not too damn many Hardcore and Punk-Rock or less bands involving there to supported the justifications on defending the poor and destroying the riches and powerful to its roots might bringing onto these ten songs available performing by The Offspring, AFI to The Vandals and Jughead’s Revenge carrying their self-inflicted tales and problem-issues for He Who Laughs Last, Hey Joe, Let The Bad Times Roll, Derek onto Wake Up Call and Beheaded. Superb sampling compiled recording that surely, caught attentions for decent people and Punk music lovers as well as ugly bandits to getting involves for the mexican stand-offs or bar’s brawling even when the noon is fucking high ! 

PS. Burning town may happens after the shoot-down alerts ...

V.A Go Ahead Punk ... Make My Day: