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Gnosio 3:20 (Abstrakt Reflections 2017)

   Composition boundaries an artist general authority on blending his personal imaginable sounds via how to exploring experimental side as abstract and minimalist by Electronic sculpture bearing themes to write ranging in tranquility to ambient glitch weirder world of investigate purposes made onto stories like IDM fossilized figure on the cave wall from the ancient era; this project by Jose Viega barking the mistakes or facts on thus fearful thoughts that infecting many people since the first darkness reveals terrible things to the prehistoric humans.

   Thus sacred mysterious firefly drawn by times and spaces means something has to do related on either Acrophobia, Autophobia and even Eosphobia and perhaps, longer listed themes to share but for now Zzy only choose these five and made the remixes version as well to ensuring that more people would love to touch the surface of his musical oddities format but isn’t too damn afraid tasting the miraculous healing by facing your scary moments addressing towards Andrew Course, Renoizer to Lokom and c0ma remixing works as well just to hear the comparison over beats and the structures caused by and effectively raising Phobia …