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Glass Fracture (Digital World Audio 2014)

  After the creation comes extinction and n-between that; thus cynic sounds of breaks in musical of Electronic divided as Future-Pop and Synth-Pop bursts downing the sensitive reassures rising on smoother but still dangerous off this British trio merely demonstrating the polished movement and reminiscent plaintive melodies wrapped within the campaign of huge blasts Rave-Industrial and Progressive Techno mixing originally designs through this package of terror rhythmic of the last survival person seeing the late recording and ruins of human civilization over Keep Your Silence as Cyferdyne featuring Adam Higginson, Andy McBain, Steven Houghton or Niall Robertson releasing their second albums brings the Electro-Industrial fusion to the modern millennium levels like this doomsday atmosphere did to your stereo. 
   Cables and Codes lauches followed by Jigsaw, Disease spreading like black death again or Clockwork and Prayer and Weak sophisticated to sharpening the true horror adjusting by Visions of hell on earth via decades of decadence of mental and greed minds of human being since the first community moves their primitive way to modernity. 

Welcome apocalypse in party clubbing Trance explosion as the background !

Keep Your Silence: