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Gibberish Namsaying (Independent 2018)

   Requiem hymn melodies and harmony on 50 Years & A Million Songs came around climb down off the mountain-sides for the nervous numbers of perpetual sparks emulates within personal ritual for mother nature and their loved ones hitting by the ricochet arrangements by spirituals and roaring bad lives as assembles within the formation of Shawn Mackenzie on vocals/guitar/piano/ukulele; Nadia Pacey on vocals, ukulele, piano, triangle also James Legge for viola, Scott McKnight playing cello and Natalia “Saw Lady” Paruz the musical saw under the heavy influences taken from the trusted ones like de javu in life for Yellowstone Caldera, Louise Armstrong’s dedication plays and Jesus + Miriam Forever and the distant of The Shore (lines) together being recorded by Saskatoon’s Drama Queen Martyr over the simplicity Leave The Bikini Atoll Nightlight Plugged In as you listening for tendrils marrow and creative blocking to choruses underneath over nineteen tracks written in much Acoustic rhymes and cabin-fever popularity as wiser sounds comes out from Tension, Will We Live Happily Ever After Like Beatrice and Unk, Exclamation Points Follow Your Name, You Look As Cute As Saturn When You Nibble on My Heart onto Pupal Stages Of Love mixing most of your feelings lately – through the family fights, saddest relationship endings; Temptation with strings and guitar songs or just yelling for nobody to help you out even when you hardly try not to lending hands but to yourself effort may becoming mantra that spelled the unfortunates into lucks

Leave The Bikini Atoll Nightlight Plugged In: