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Geography Identity (Twentieth Century Fox 2017)

The famous based story-telling about puzzled case of Agatha Christie’s greatest Belgian detective of all time Hercule Poirot on his elegant train journey to England that suddenly, stops by the heavy avalanche and the mysterious interruption for Murder On The Oriental Express which departed from Istanbul to Eastern Europe following the invitation to him by old manager friend of Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits where a dirty American business man Samuel Ratchett is later being stabs multiple times by a seemed to be a psychotic maniac killer in his room after being told Poirot about his stories and many enemies threatening him while trying to hire the greatest detective to guard him. The refusal, the strange information to gain from many suspected passengers like the evangelist woman, Princess Dragomiroff, Ratchett’s advisor and assistant or a black doctor, the pretty young teacher as well as a slutty mature woman or the dancer couple and even the cabin master. Dozen times horrible murderer and complicated evidences gathered little by little by our smart visionary Hercule Poirot played by the director of this movie himself – Kenneth Branagh until he discovering some lies and facts behind the related personalities whose departing on the exact same train through the icy railway and the dark plan reveals after Poirot one at the time opens the fake stories hiding by thus individuals about not knowing who Ratchett alias the mobster Cassetti did to their beloved little daughter, loveable ones, friends and parents, kindness leader and other connections goes out to solving the murder as the revenge from Armstrong and Arden’s family that you might not predicted before as this film fills within so many possibilities artistically, thrilling, raising curiosity and keep everyone to finish the tales by the end. Patrick Doyle’s Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composes in orchestra instrumentals marks beautifully, magnificent to carried the plots and characters develops as you also confusing to catch up Poirot pace of thinking ways as The Wailing Wall, Jaffa to Stamboul, Arrival, Touch Nothing Else, MacQueen onto The Armstrong Case; Mrs. Hubbard, This is True, Keep Everyone Inside or Confession and Ma Katherine in the finale moment surprising the entire passengers for Hercule Poirot calling this Justice prevails for those whom seeking for peace after doing kindness without exposing further more about the characters or personality of every single one of them among the shoot challenge, the real conclusion as complex theory with last words from him to Beograd police that the real killer must be running away quickly after doing his job; ending his investigation on this unique case of a murder up on the railway travel. Disembarks himself for another British army investigating asks frequently sending our great detective once again to the Nile river of Egypt for different criminal case.