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Game Treasure (Whereabouts Records 2015)

   Expressing the thoughts on Art-Rock decision event to choose as her pleasant associated music relationship perhaps, leads the classically trained Hungarian singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer in female form on Kriztina Danyi because known well for her stage name as Morningdeer and associated best on the Lo-Fi/Bedroom to Avant-Pop or Freak-Pop tunes writing songs in Budapest music scene of independence. Experimenting within several improvisations over Jazz, noise experimental sessions and theatrical music collaboration accompanies to her talents and ideas visioning those weirder Alternative sounds results via Blue For B is her LP releasing by the Tokyo label group as mastered by Kazuhiro Takeuchi serving six tunes of oddities Pop sounds that literary sweeter to taste by souls of the listeners along Cannot Take That Lightly, Allegra, This Time and That Song – composed softly, strange pulses holding and too precious for those whom not really put attention on commercial songs must subscribing these to their catalogs.

Blue For B: