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Future Mood (Bandcamp 2017)

   The infamous popular but lesser-known directed recording off Carter Jahn or Jeff Shook adding his plays over lap steel-pedals as this Los Angeles Electronic Rn’B, Soul-ful Indie Pop-Rock trio comprising on Michelle Joy, Ryan Clapham and Paul Davis as looking too modern but expressing the good adults smooth sweeter sounds through some slow beats and harmony tunes along the boogie future for you here and calling themselves – Cannons and parking their luxurious convertible big sedan on that special spot on the darkened grass-field and simply re-telling the audiences for Night Drive musical materials and other stories around things happening within the way they go rounding up the town like having an intimate private Kiss Me or Miracle, asking questions over the relationship like Can You Feel It, High Off Love or Stuck On You as acclaimed there by the relaxing tuning beats possible for nice romantic drinking and holding hands. Cannons lifting the feelings with honest regular thoughts and further logic excuses we must facing while having bad lucks on relationships but going out for fresh air seems exciting for a cure on the broken.

Night Drive: