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Fuck The Needy (Mere Noise Records 2009)

Introducing these cock-head rockers with sounds of their guitar distortions mixed members as Evil Dick, Tamara Dawn, Stacey Coleman and Gregor Mulvey to Andy B completing the formation and the Brisbane natives crew whose writing down lyrics and stories around stupidity, love, you and Rock n’ Roll calling themselves – HITS successfully completed the tours and wider shows to slay audiences nationally to international presents in west Europe places as their pulverizing depraved delectable rock songs might scarily addictive to ears once you listening on them.

Attitude that arrogant and intense as exciting for messing noises can be found through their album: Living With You is Killing Me as ten songs on the list surely, conquering to make one liking the sounds of the group instantly ! furious vocals, melodic performance and rhythmic damage goods seems to be following every tunes from HITS like Sometimes You Just Don’t Know Who Your Friends Are, Touch of The Shorts, Crackpipe, Had to Come to This, Peter and Paul as well as The Night Before. Scream louder, jumps, head-bang and sing-along to the anthems of no returning points for new millennium fake society pressures. 

Living With You Is Killing Me: