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Frozen Heroes (Not On Label 2018)

   Mystic and occult-NWOTHM like thrashy metallic group off Fresno, CA – this Old School Heavy Metal formatted sounds in mid-standard seminal fast but not too darker extreme except that they’re far from being religious at all might pleasing you on trying them. Nine tracks in a record-debut opening by title album/track like Burst Into Flame (album) has taking the band- Haunt’s power metallic/retro 80’s Metal Thrash catching mighty riffs and real convictions as they’re skilled enough to pull the greater performance writing songs to recording a record as praising hailed devil horns should held up higher for the boys on measuring that we can still got chances onto witnessing this type of older style of metallic extreme once now come back for the new millennium fans to taste the essential works again. Crank-out louder hard is the choice for picking songs like Crystal Ball, Reflectors, My Mirage or Wanderlust; raising the mysterious rituals from the invisible Looking Glass towards the realm of dying diseased people of society – bet won’t likely, loving this type of disrupting sessions which used to cracking windows, breaking stuff and annoying peaceful situation with black magic beliefs shared to the youngsters.

Burst Into Flame: