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Frigid Perception (Zing Recording 2016)

   Need a helping hand out of your drowned lives today ? One don’t have try to praying harder when the sunshine reflects some kinds of seminal religious shape and figures from the depth of the ocean of sins as emotes debut and self-titled record from these high-school friends uniting them on the growing concern about life and its story journey by experiences as Hands of The Martyr putting their Salt Lake City’s Metalcore Christian-Hardcore fused with the basic lyrics songs written by Ty Clemans and Brook Beaver adds by some vocals and piano performance from friends as well as crossing country traveled shows and saving aims for public whom listening to them here on Threshold, Disconsolate, Lay Down Your Weapons, For The Weight and Apostasy to Death of a Carnal Mind over Hate – is the ultimate reason for sons of men efforts for salvation spreading messages towards their world of ignorance.

Hands Of The Martyr: