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Fried Chicken (Dill Records 1996)

   One somehow can calling the beginning here on Wide Awake sounded like a crazy trashy Punk but then Ska-Dance and Pop tuning taking the roles and you realized that MU330 isn’t just about that scary clown doll sitting dead on the corner as the other toys marching out your house like toy stories movie scene for Chumps On Parade within the performance energetic by Chris Diebold, Dan Potthast, Gery Lundquist, Robert Bell and Ted Moll and the rest of those interracial unity group members come-back formation inspired these band as well as Punk Rock and Ska tight smack to entertaining your stereo system in the midst of nineties and sold this second releases for a thousand copies and pressings.
   Successfully, even though they’re not gladly – getting that famous as the others LA third waves but MU330 did quite some extra-cash and easy going listener songs alike Since The Short-Long’s Gone, Fat and Married, State O Mind, Curse, Got Caught, Nothin’ Allright, Johnny DumbJokes, Hang Tuff Hold Tight and The Punisher/Downtown with their complete melodic skankin’ pops and brass-sections of talents giving the music media a glimpse of good perfect and simply awesome band that did the parade for not being chumps - not on this one !

Chumps On Parade: