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Forrestial Weightless (Alpha Pup Records 2016)

   Watching the opened sky universe and those closet neighboring exo-planets from your wider backyard field of greener grass within to long living friends familiar influences towards the music existing rhythms and Jazz fusion to experimental Rock, Funk or Soul making The Breathing Effect based on the duet of Eli Goss and Harry Terrell performing their talents on keyboards, piano, drums or bass and vocals to guitars with trombonist Kalia Vandever and Michael Mayo on vocals to Moki Kawaguchi for synthesizers/vocoder for this softly recording visits via Mars is a Very Bad Place For Love onto this Psychedelic Electro-experimental for Jazz/Pop soulful sounds. Interesting interactive tense of enjoyable complex meets impulsive; diversified and dreamy like you being taken to the places you’ve never been going onto before in 70’s Rn’B beats, standard contemporary LA style of Hip-Hop scenes and tiered Folks genre combining through Cold Meteor Showers, Cloudy Afternoon, One For The Mountains By The Sea and Streetlights Out Of Focus won’t stealing the ingredients out of the cooking sound of delights ensemble. 

Mars Is Like A Very Bad Place For Love: