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Flashbacks (Dynamic Pixels/tinyBuild 2017)

   Four inventory for player to find out that they’ve to move to a new house next crossing the street (unluckily) to meet the paranoid behaving mannered of mysterious person whom keeping secret in the basement for Hello Neighbor – a survival horror stealth developing game for successfully uncovered those secrets by Sneaking into without being noticed or even worst caught by him. 

   That moustache big guy with clever modification on behaving differently based on your past actions try-out makes the level harder by setting traps or feeling the attempts makes you gone onto a chase down while exploring and you need to get out quick before being captured. The beginning of a young boy hear screams from the next house sending him to investigates and witnessing someone got locked inside the basement; the kid needs to find a key only to find the converted basement into underground dungeon makeshift as the creepy instrumental music off twenty more title-tracks for the soundtrack gaming such as Melody, Silver, Records, The Thing, Nostalgia, Arrival, City all the way onto Abyss makes you a little bit curious in suspense panic but also feeling eerie thinking about how to face to face with a maniac or pedophiles in their own cribs.

Hello, Neighbor OST Link: