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Final 5:42 (DarkTunes Music Group 2018)

   Aggrotech-harsh EBM meets Dark Electro seductive romantic Techno-Rock and thumper-beats like House Progressive metallic Industrial crossing fire and exchanges battle the sounds altogether as the shiny leather-spiking worshipers Martin (production, lyrics, live vocals) and Britta (organ, live keys) processing their musical like anthem blasts from their hometown of Hannover – Germany as SynthAttack duo: one painted face barbaric male and the dark-haired accompanying sexy female companion for wandering through their limitless space and times for producing lots of synthesizing actions and arousing movements under thus darker-influences just like the example songs compiling on Salvation In Hell EP with the beloved city burnt down to ashes leaving only some parts as painful memories stands and the extracted track-listing over Intent: Outtake RMX, Grendel RMX or ES23 RMX crushing within melodies and nocturnal beats Straight To Hell and no come back journey after that. The End … 

Salvation In Hell EP: