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Fever Dream (Independent 2016)

Nu-Metal and Rap-Core as Alternative choices for those whom gets too boring with the usual sounds and beats of ordinary world might easily found the acknowledgment as important as rhythmical through the digital package even for just an EP from a small band out of San Francisco like Peace Fiasco trying to dig in their way to the mainstream mass-media comprising for total members of six-piece from Jean Pierre Viellenave on lead vocals, Justin Telmo the MC/leadvocals, Clark Straub lead and rhythm guitars, Nate Cox on bass with Nick Patti on lead guitars to drummer Josh Chouinard performing Heroes or Synaptic in bursts hardening acts energy you needed or wanted to have - as thus if you alos used to like Limp Bizkit in a clean vocals or the screams or the rapping cuts sounding perfect for this type of lesser-known group such as them. Peace Fiasco's Patient Zero gives us the lesson to learn for not trusting the institution or department that lies to keep you locked like animals with no good reasons.

Patient Zero: